Top Tanzanite Diamond Jewelry

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Characteristics of Tanzanite

Tanzanite was discovered in Tanzania in the year 1967. It is basically comes in blue color with some purple hues in it and is mined under the majestic tourist destination Mount Kilimanjaro. It is trichroic gemstone, which means it can be viewed in three colors depending on which way the crystal is viewed. It has a nature of changing its color when viewed in daylight or fluorescent to incandescent environment. This shifting of color is its major advantage and looks breathtaking and defines the beauty of this stone. It is a beautiful gemstone with moderate hardness, and is not very ideal for wearing in Jewelry. Basically this stone is used for jewelry like earrings, rings etc. It is more suitable for with gold.

The trichorism gives the rough a reddish brown color of diesel fuel as it appears in fuel containers. When it is heated to 537.78 degree Celsius, the yellow is removed leaving the other blue and violet purple colors. It can be separated from other gems in the rough because of its unique look caused due the trichroic nature. It can easily be separated due to its lower refractive index and strong doubling of the back facets when viewed through the crown. A new treatment for this stone involves huge risk as it is used to intensify the color of natural tanzanite and therefore increase its apparent value.

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